After-Sales Service

Service overview

The product purchase is never the last step of a sale, but rather the first step of a long-term relationship. Our team is committed to a proactive approach that offers continuous follow-up and support to our client. We also offer yearly maintenance contracts tailored to specific client needs, including repair, maintenance, maintenance audit, certified calibration, software data backup, fault code analysis, and operator training.

Our after-sales service team consists of on-the-ground resident expert service technicians in our various locations, who are available for on-call site interventions, trouble-shooting support, and repair & maintenance needs. We offer our clients an on-the-ground available stock of spare parts & consumables. Any additional stock requirements can be easily ordered and delivered within a few days.

Our resident teams are also supported by our expert service technicians based in Lebanon, who are mobile and ready to travel within the Middle East and Africa to provide installation, commissioning, assessment, troubleshooting, and specialized repair services.

Specialized Support

Our teams provide the following specialized support

Equipment assessment

Our teams are highly competent in technical matters related to: electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and software systems, and are very knowledgeable of international procedures for quality and safety.

Installation & commissioning

Our certified team handles the installation and commissioning of all our equipment. We also offer training sessions to the operators and technicians of our clients to ensure your technicians fully understand how to maintain high equipment productivity. We liaise with our clients from the drawing stage, to accurately measuring the concrete thickness foundation, and conducting a final review to ensure our equipment works at full specification capacity.

Dismantling & assembling

Our teams support the dismantling and assembling of concrete and asphalt mixing plants on site, as well as tower cranes and passenger hoists. This support is done with the highest standards of safety, and with the use of very good-standing equipment.

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