Our History

A valued player in the construction trading industry, SP Middle East & Africa (SP) built its competencies and brand name for the past twenty-five years. Founded in 1994 it acquired in 1998 a 40-year-old company SYRUN in Syria. In 2000, SP was restructured to transform its Lebanese operation into a regional center enabling it to springboard into the international market through a series of regional ventures.

The company’s expansion began in Iraq in 2000, Nigeria in 2001, and Qatar in 2003 through a joint venture with the Al Sraiya Holding. 2006 saw entries to the UAE and Omani markets and a strategic joint venture between SP and IMER International, an Italian manufacturer of concrete plants and truck mixers. That prompted SP entry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2009. In 2011, the various subsidiaries and ventures were consolidated under one umbrella.

In 2012, SP began a major overhaul effort to endure the continued economic crisis in the construction industry and developed capabilities to adapt to rapid changing market dynamics. In June 2014 the dramatic oil price decline dipped most parts of the world in a severe crisis, which commended a repositioning along a redistribution of its human resources and assets.

This strategic effort focused on promoting a new corporate culture, empowering our teams with a strong talent management program, and further professionalizing our business development. SP has also reworked its supply chain to provide reliable and cost effective market solutions to allow our clients reap the benefit of a lower total-cost-of-ownership.

Further, SP developed solutions to meet increasing regulatory demands for green building construction and higher specifications. Finally, SP portfolio evolved to serve multi-tier market requirements in concrete ready mix, precast, aggregate washing, concrete recycling, crushing, road construction, and sub-infrastructure work.

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