Our Values System

Our Vision

To strategically develop and sustainably grow our position as a valued leader in the construction trading industry.

Our Mission

Providing customers with professional advice and effective support, through an experienced team of top-tier talent offering

cost-effective solutions of machineries and plants of the latest generation.

Our Values

We share with our international suppliers values that led to the development of core competencies:

  • Accountability
  • Forward thinking
  • Credibility
  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Decisiveness

Guiding Principles

We are an entrepreneurial organization

We are a results-driven company that is lean and agile, and aims to grow by developing our positions in our existing markets and strategically penetrating new markets. Yet, we are cautious and prudent in the way we conduct our business and manage our risks, and seek to spend and invest wisely.

Our people and know-how are our biggest assets

We embrace new recruits and invest in our people for the long-term by committing to training, creating career opportunities, and retaining talent. We aim to be an incubator of expertise and know-how, by encouraging self-development and capitalizing on experience as a means of inspiring our people to continuously grow and maintain a strong competitive advantage.

Our work environment is the market place

We treat our clients and suppliers as long-term partners, and seek to conduct our business with utmost trust, integrity, and respect for one another, powered by a constructive energy and acollective ambition. We consider ourselves accountable to our partners and stakeholders.

We aim to deliver with an energetic service attitude

We welcome creativity in our problem solving and de livery to continuously bring value to our clients and suppliers. We think and act with a sense of urgency and strive to be proactive and initiative-driven in our approach, by delivering products, services, and solutions that meet our client needs in a timely and efficient manner. We view lost time as an opportunity cost to be avoided.

We are a team

We believe that teamwork, team spirit, and collegiality are key to the success of our business, people, and partners. We manage our day-to-day business as a unified team that supports each other beyond our geographic and product borders, and work together with utmost trust and respect for one another. Our work environment is driven by energy and goodwill.

Humility is a virtue

Market leadership does not mean we know everything, it just means we have done some things right. We celebrate our life story of hard work, rocky challenges, and humble beginnings. We encourage our teams to be simple in their manner and genuine at heart.

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