Perspectives from our Chairperson

Dear partners, clients, and investors,

How do you inspire innovation and build empowered and highly motivated teams in the construction industry?

We have learned is that you cannot replicate innovation; you have to create your own creative and critical thinking process.

Our business ethos is centered along three dimensions:

Corporate energy: an embedded spirit that grips us and drives us, especially along bumpy roads. Our teams are excited and energized, and they deliver because they want to and they can.

Human capital: continuously investing in our teams through our corporate learning platforms and aggressive career tracks makes our talent highly sought-after in our industry.

International state of mind: our interactions amongst our teams, partners, and clients are based on knowledge sharing and a continued insistence on mutual success.

Ranked in both listings of the Top 100 Making An Impact in the Arab World by Forbes in 2013 and 2015, we understand the added responsibility this recognition bestows upon us to continue to support our societies and push our ambitions even further.

Together, we can build and achieve greatness. My door is always open to work hand in hand with you – our partners and clients – and beat the mutual success objectives we set for ourselves.

On behalf of my team,

Respectfully yours,

Michel Zovighian

Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer

SP Middle East & Africa

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